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With IPHost Network Monitor you can run simple snmp requests against a Cisco device in your network.


Cisco Network Clock Ncdp PRS Reference

An value that identifies the primary reference source that the network clock available from this source is traceable to if configured as a source of network clock for NCDP. (See American National Standards Institute, ANSI T1.101, 'Synchronization Interface for Digital Networks' and Bell Communications Research, GR-436-CORE, 'Digital Network Synchronization Plan' for more detailed information regarding Primary Reference Sources.). If a source of network clock is an onboard oscillator local to the device it is 'internal' otherwise it is 'external'. If the value of this object is used as a tiebreaker by the NCDP algorithm,'external' wins over 'internal'. All 'external' sources of network clock are assumed to be traceable to the same PRS by the NCDP protocol entity.


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Easy monitoring of cncNcdpPRSReference with IPHost tools

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