csfFilterAgeTimeout - Cisco ATM Signaling Failures Filter Age Timeout - CISCO-ATM-SIG-DIAG-MIB

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Cisco ATM Signaling Failures Filter Age Timeout

The number of seconds left for this entry to age out. On expiry of this timer filtering is disabled for this entry. The display records in the csfRecordTable corresponding to this entry are retained. When the timer expires the object will have a value zero. The management station can restart filtering for this entry by setting this object to a positive value. When the object is set to zero, filtering is stopped for this entry. When the management station modifies this object , the currently running timer,if any, is aborted and a timer is started with the new value of this object. The value '-1' will indicate an infinite timeout value.


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Easy monitoring of csfFilterAgeTimeout with IPHost tools

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