csfFilterMaxRecords - Cisco ATM Signaling Failures Filter Max Records - CISCO-ATM-SIG-DIAG-MIB

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Cisco ATM Signaling Failures Filter Max Records

The maximum number of entries that are desired in the csfRecordTable on behalf of this entry. The agent will not create more than this number of entries in the table,but may choose to create fewer entries in the csfRecordTable for any reason including the lack of resources. The agent will however dedicate resources for a minimum number of entries in the csfRecordTable ,to take care of temporary memory allocation failures in the system. In case of memory allocation failures the agent will utilize these dedicated resources for the creation of the new entries. If memory resource failures continue and the dedicated resources are exhausted then the records in the csfRecordTable are pruned such that the oldest entries are removed to make way for the new entries. A value '-1' will indicate no upper limit for the number of records stored. The manager can set this object to -1 if overwriting of records is not desired. The new value for this object will take effect immediately. If this object is set to a value less than the number of entries thats currently present in the csfRecordTable corresponding to this entry, then the oldest entries in the csfRecordTable will be deleted so that their number equals the new value of this object. If the value of this object is changed from -1 to any other positive value then the entries will be pruned such that only the first n records collected for this entry are retained in the csfRecordTable, n being the new value of this object.


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