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line Alarm Level

The current alarm level of the port. Refer to TEXTUAL-CONVENTION section for details on AlarmLevel. Only following values for the AlarmLevel are possible for this attribute: none - Everything is fine minor - Local end or remote end is experiencing problems, e.g. (1) loss of Cell Delineation is observed on the downstream direction. (2) subscriberDwnLineRate and lineDwnLineRate do not match. (3) subscriberUpLineRate and lineUpLineRate do not match. (4) Both Up/down line rates do not match with the subscriber requested rates. (5) loss of signal is observed in the downstream direction for DMT cards and the object subscriberDMTLOSConfig is configured to alarm this condition. (6) loss of frame is observed in the downstream direction for DMT cards. unknown - Remote end is non-reachable. This could be either due to power down at the CPE or due to break in the connection between C6200 system and the CPE. This is exhibited by the lineDMTUpLOS alarm.

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