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o CI Loop Mode

This parameter puts the optical interface of C6200 system in facility (far end) loopback mode. It causes the node to loop all the traffic received on the optical interface back to the network. It does not generate any traffic or perform any kind of testing locally. This mode affects services to all the users connected through the node, so this facility must be used with care. User must set it back to disable mode once the testing completes. System will stay in loopback mode, if enabled, until the user disables the loop mode through NMS Manager or the system terminates - in which case loop mode is disabled automatically. It is only meaningful when the out of band management channel is used for management. It may not be useful when the in-band management channel is used for management traffic, as it causes breakdown in the management communications channel. The alarm level of the port is set to unknown while loopback mode is enabled.

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