dmAllowedDomainIDList - Cisco Domain Management Allowed Domain ID List - CISCO-DM-MIB

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Cisco Domain Management Allowed Domain ID List

This object provides the lists of domains that are allowed. Each octet within the value of the object specifies a set of domains. The first octet specifies domains 0 through 7. Similarly, the second octet specifies domain 8 through 15. Within each octet, the most significant bit represents the lowest numbered domain and least significant bit represents the highest numbered domain. Thus each domain, is represented by a single bit within the value of this object. A domain is allowed in this VSAN if the corresponding bit has a value of '1'. If this object has a value which is less than 32 bytes long, then the domains which are not represented are not considered to be in the list. If this object is a zero-length string, then no domains are allowed in this VSAN.

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