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Cisco Domain Management If Table

This table contains interface configuration of the domain manager per VSAN. An entry in this table is automatically created when an E_port becomes non-isolated and there is a entry in dmTable for that VSAN. An entry is deleted automatically from this table if : a) the correponding interface becomes non-existent, or b) the correponding interface becomes a non-E_port and all the writable objects has default values. or c) the dmTable entry for the corresponding VSAN is deleted. Entries in this table can be created via dmIfRowStatus only as the means to specify non-default parameter values for an interface at a time when that interface is either down or is a non-E_port. So an entry in this table exists when one or both of these conditions holds: - one or more configuration parameters have non-default values for an interface which is either down or a non-E_port and corresponding VSAN has an entry in the dmTable, and/or - the interface is an E_port and it is up. This has a number of consequences: - an entry exists for a non-E_port or an E_port which is down whenever that interface has non-default parameters and the corresponding VSAN has an entry in the dmTable; - an entry cannot be created (via dmIfRowStatus) for an interface with default parameters; instead, the agent creates/deletes an entry for an interface with default parameters according to whether the E_port is up or down. - an entry can not be created via dmIfRowStatus unless non-default parameter values are (simultaneously) configured for an interface which is a non-E_port or a down interface, and the correspoding VSAN has an entry in the dmTable. - deleting an entry via RowStatus when either the interface is down and configured with non-default values or the interface is up, is equivalent to resetting its parameters to their default values. If the interface is down and was configured with default- values, then the entry would be deleted.

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