fcRouteVerifyLock - Cisco Fibre Channel Route Verify Lock

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Cisco Fibre Channel Route Verify Lock

This object is used to facilitate the verify action performed using 'fcRouteVerifyAction' by multiple managers. The procedure to perform the action by the NMS is as follows: 1. Retrieve the value of fcRouteVerifyLock. 2. Set the value of fcRouteVerifyLock to the retrieved value, and in the same PDU provide the following values: fcRouteVerifyAction to 'verify(2)' fcRouteVerifyType,fcRouteVerifyVsanID, fcRouteVerifyRouteType and fcRouteVerifyModule. Note, fcRouteVerifyModule is relevent only if fcRouteVerifyType is either 'fibShadow(2)' or fibHardware(3). 3. If the set fails repeat steps 1-2. 4. Retrieve the value of fcRouteVerifyLock and fcRouteVerifyResult in the same pdu. 5. If 'fcRouteVerifyLock' value is not one greater than the retrieved value of 'fcRouteVerifyLock' in step-1 than repeat steps 1-4.


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Easy monitoring of fcRouteVerifyLock with IPHost tools

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