swL2MACNotifyState - Switch L2 MAC Notify State

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With IPHost Network Monitor you can run simple snmp requests against a D-Link device in your network.


Switch L2 MAC Notify State

-- "This object can enabled or disabled MAC Notification. -- "This object indicates the history size of variation MAC in address table. -- The default value is 1 . -- "This object indicates the time interval in second for trigger the MAC notify message. -- "This object can enabl or disabl asymmetric vlan -- during runtime of the system. This object control web status.

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IPHost Network monitor allows you to monitor swL2MACNotifyState on D-Link device via the SNMP protocol. Download IPHost Network Monitor (500 monitors for 30 days, 50 monitors free forever) to start monitoring D-Link routers right now.

Easy monitoring of swL2MACNotifyState with IPHost tools

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