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Juniper MI Mst Trace

This object is used to enable Trace Statements in the MSTP Module. A FOUR BYTE integer is used for enabling the level of tracing. Each BIT in the four byte integer, represents a particular level of Trace. The mapping between the bit positions & the level of trace is as follows: 0 - Init and Shutdown Traces 1 - Management Traces 2 - Data Path Traces 3 - Control Plane Traces 4 - Packet Dump Traces 5 - Traces related to All Resources except Buffers 6 - All Failure Traces 7 - Buffer Traces The remaining bits are unused. Combination of trace levels are also allowed. For example if the bits 0 and 1 are set, then the Trace statements related to Init-Shutdown and management will be printed. The user has to enter the corresponding INTEGER VALUE for the bits set. For example if bits 0 and 1 are to be set then user has to give the value for this object as 3. Setting the Trace Option to any value will cause the Debug Option to be set to 0 (i.e.) the Trace Option and Debug Option are mutually exclusive.


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