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global BOOTP Server Tag

create : Creates an entry in the BOOTP Server table delete : Deletes an entry in the BOOTP Server table ::= { globalBOOTPServerEntry 2 } -- -- BOOTP Interface group -- -- Contains BOOTP interface configuration information, BOOTP interface -- statistics and BOOTP interface binding information. Each type of -- information is stored in a table with one entry for each -- interface over which BOOTP is enabled. -- -- Asscociated with each entry in the Interface binding table is a -- list of entries in the -- -- Interface Address Table : List of address bound to an interface -- -- -- Interface Statistics Table. -- -- -- BOOTP statistics for each interface. Statistics include -- number of send/receive failures -- number of ARP Update Failures -- number of requests/replies received/discarded, -- SYNTAX SEQUENCE OF IfStatsEntry ACCESS not-accessible STATUS mandatory DESCRIPTION Table of BOOTP statistics for interfaces


IPHost Network monitor uses SNMP for monitoring health and availability of devices and applications in your network. You can send a SNMP Set to any remote device to monitor a specific SNMP object (CPU, Memory, Disk, Server Temperature, RAID failures, IO statistics, connection counts, error and much more).

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