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Xerox General Option Next Index

The value of 'xcmGenOptionIndex' corresponding to the next 'chained' conceptual row in the 'xcmGenOptionTable', or zero if this is the last associated conceptual row in a particular vertical 'chain' within a given set. Usage: Generally, reconfiguration options (of similar or unlike type) are 'chained' vertically via '...[Next|Previous]Index'. But, in the case where particular communications options MUST be 'tightly coupled', they should be 'shelved' horizontally via '...[Family|Previous]Index' (eg, an IP address and an IP subnet mask).


IPHost Network monitor uses SNMP for monitoring health and availability of devices and applications in your network. You can send a SNMP Set to any remote device to monitor a specific SNMP object (CPU, Memory, Disk, Server Temperature, RAID failures, IO statistics, connection counts, error and much more).

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