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v IP Router Relay Mode

This controls whether the internal UDP Relay service is enabled or disabled. When enabled, the service will forward packets to a specified server (or specified broadcast address.) or VLAN. Note that for BOOTP/DHCP service, unless the relay's next hop ip address (vIPRouterRelayForwAddr) is set to a valid value, it will not possible to enable the relay. For other services, a VLAN to forwared to (vIPRouterRelayForwVlan in vIPRouterRelayForwTable) or a next hop ip address must be set. The mode definitions are as follows: 1 - enabled 2 - configureRequest 3 - underConfiguration 4 - disabled A manager will set the state to configureRequest(2) before attempting to configure any other parameters for a particular UPD Service. The agent will then set the state to underConfiguration(3). When in the underConfiguration(3) state, a UDP service is not completely configured and will remain in this state until the management station is finished configuring and sets the state to either enabled(1) or disabled(4). A manager is restricted to changing the state of an entry in the following ways: config under To: valid Request config invalid From: valid OK NO OK OK configRequest N/A N/A N/A N/A underConfig OK NO OK OK invalid NO OK NO OK

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