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Enterasys Sntp Client U Server Status

The row status of this conceptual row in the table. active - The server is available for use in SNTP client operations. Other writable leaves in this table MAY be modified while the row is in the active state. notInService - The entry is fully configured but is not available for use in SNTP client operations. Conceptual rows with this status MAY be deleted at the discretion of the agent, at which time it will be treated as if destroy(6) was SET to this object. createAndGo - This is the preferred mechanism for creating conceptual rows in this table. All writable leaves have default values so createAndGo will always transition a new entry to the active state. destroy - This will remove the conceptual row from the table and make it unavailable for SNTP client operations. This MUST also cause any persistent data related to this row to be removed from the system. Maintaining active(1) entries across agent reboots is REQUIRED.

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