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Enterasys Tacacs Client Server Status

Lets users create and delete TACACS+ server entries on systems that support this capability. Rules 1. When creating a TACACS+ client, it is up to the management station to determine a suitable etsysTacacsClientServerIndex. To facilitate interoperability, agents should not put any restrictions on the etsysTacacsClientServerIndex beyond the obvious ones that it be valid and unused. 2. Before a new row can become 'active', values must be supplied for the columnar objects etsysTacacsClientServerAddress and etsysTacacsClientServerSecret. 3. The value of etsysTacacsClientServerStatus MAY need to be set to 'notInService' in order to modify a writable object in the same conceptual row. 4. etsysTacacsClientServer entries whose status is 'notReady' or 'notInService' will not be used for authentication.

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