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Enterasys Vlan Authorization Operation Egress

Reports the current state of modification to the current vlan egress list (of the vlan returned in the VLAN-Tunnel-Type) upon successful authentication, if etsysVlanAuthorizationStatus is enabled, in the following manner: none(1) No egress manipulation will be made. tagged(2) The authenticating port will be added to the current egress for the VLAN-ID returned. untagged(3) The authenticating port will be added to the current untagged egress for the VLAN-ID returned. The purpose of this leaf is to report, specifically when etsysVlanAuthorizationAdminEgress has been set to dynamic(4), the currently enforced egress modification. If the port is unauthenticated, or no VLAN-ID has been applied, this leaf should return none(1).

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