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OID list for address mask

Filter Address Group Mask Id
a3ComFilterAddressGroupMaskId (defined in A3COM-SWITCHING-SYSTEMS-FILTER-MIB)
This object identifies an address group in a bridge. Each address group has an unique mask identifier, range from 1 to 32, associated with it in a bridge. This field has to be set in order to create a new address group in the desired bridge(s).
Filter Address Group Bridge Mask
a3ComFilterAddressGroupBridgeMask (defined in A3COM-SWITCHING-SYSTEMS-FILTER-MIB)
A mask that uniquely identifies the bridge value(s) associated with this address group entry. For example, 0x0000 0000 0000 0003 represents the address group entry in bridge number 1 and 2.
Compaq Cluster Network Address Mask
cpqClusterNetworkAddressMask (defined in CPQCLUS)
The network IP address mask expressed as where xxx is a decimal number between 0 and 255.
Cabletron Container Net Address Mask
contNetAddressMask (defined in ct-container-mib)
Indicates the subnet mask for the network address of the device for a particular network
Enterasys Firewall Network IP Address Mask
etsysFWNetworkIPAddressMask (defined in enterasys-firewall-mib)
When etsysFWNetworkRangeOrMask is set to useIpAddrMask, this is the mask that define the IP network. To define a single host set this to all 1's.
Cisco Casa Configuration Address Mask
cCasaCfgAddressMask (defined in CISCO-CASA-MIB)
The configured IP subnet mask of the CASA feature. This takes effect in the running system when cCasaState is set to casaEnabled, at which time this object is copied to cCasaAddressMask.
Cisco Casa Address Mask
cCasaAddressMask (defined in CISCO-CASA-MIB)
The operational IP subnet mask of the CASA feature. When cCasaState is set to casaEnabled, this object attains the value contained in cCasaCfgAddressMask. A get on this object when cCasaState is casaNotEnabled returns a noSuchObject exception.

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