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The objects described here can be monitored with the IPHost Network Monitor. You can start SNMP monitoring using free 30-day trial version of IPHost right now.

OID list for current count

Sys System Log Entry Current Count
a3ComSysSystemLogEntryCurrentCount (defined in A3COM-SWITCHING-SYSTEMS-MIB)
The number of entries currently recorded in the system log.
log Match Current Count
logMatchCurrentCount (defined in UCD-SNMP-MIB)
Enterasys Flow Limiting Interface Flow Count Current
etsysFlowLimitingIntfFlowCountCurrent (defined in enterasys-flow-limiting-mib)
The current number of flows active on this interface. This information is always available and current.
Enterasys Link Flap Interface Linkdown Count Current
etsysLinkFlapIntfLinkdownCountCurrent (defined in enterasys-link-flap-mib.)
The current number of link state transitions accrued during the current monitor interval. This information is always available and current. Maintaining the value of this object across agent reboots is NOT RECOMMENDED.
bsn Current Radios Count
bsnCurrentRadiosCount (defined in AIRESPACE-WIRELESS-MIB)
Cisco's Airline protocol support If P1024 Current Error Count
alpsIfP1024CurrErrCnt (defined in CISCO-ALPS-MIB)
Reports the number of errors currently existing for this ASCU link. When this equals alpsIfP1024MaxErrCnt then the ASCU link will be shut down, unless alpsIfP1024MaxErrCnt equals 0 in which case the ascu link is never shut down due to error thresholds being exceeded

MIBs list