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OID list for "group address"

Sys Bridge Spanning Tree Protocol Group Address
a3ComSysBridgeSTPGroupAddress (defined in A3COM-SWITCHING-SYSTEMS-MIB)
Spanning tree bridge group address. The address cannot be changed if the spanning tree is enabled (a3ComSysBridgeStpEnabled).
lapb Xid Group Address
lapbXidGroupAddress (defined in rfc1381)
The value of the parameter Group address. A zero length string indicates no Group address value has been assigned.
ring Station Config Group Address
ringStationConfigGroupAddress (defined in rfc1513)
The low-order 4 octets of the group address recognized by this station.
agent Network Multicast Group Address
agentNetworkMulticastGroupAddress (defined in AIRESPACE-SWITCHING-MIB)
Multicast group address for access points.

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