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OID list for neighbor port

ipms Neighbor Port Number
ipmsNbrPortNumber (defined in IPMS-MIB)
This value contains the port number of the neighboring router.
ipms Neighbor Port Instance
ipmsNbrPortInstance (defined in IPMS-MIB)
This value contains the instance of the neighboring router.
PNNIx Neighbor Peer Port Count
pnnixNbrPeerPortCount (defined in XPNNI-MIB)
A count of the total number of ports that connect to the neighboring peer. If the neighboring peer only communicates via an SVCC-based RCC, the value of this attribute is set to zero. Otherwise it is set to the total number of ports to the neighboring peer in the Hello state 2-WayInside.
PNNIx Neighbor Peer Port Id
pnnixNbrPeerPortId (defined in XPNNI-MIB)
The port ID of a port to the neighboring peer that is in the Hello state 2-Way Inside.
PNNIx Neighbor Peer Port Flood Status
pnnixNbrPeerPortFloodStatus (defined in XPNNI-MIB)
Indicates whether the port is being used for transmission of flooding and database synchronization information to the neighboring peer.
fddimib PORT Neighbor Type
fddimibPORTNeighborType (defined in rfc1512)
The type of the remote PORT as determined in PCM. This variable has an initial value of none, and is only modified in PC_RCode(3)_Actions (refer to ANSI SMT
Network Appn Forward Link Station Port Neighbor
nwAppnFwdLsPortNbr (defined in ctron-appn-mib)
This link station port number corresponds to the index into the nwAppnFwdIfTable and the nwAppnExtensionTable, which together describe the port used by APPN Routing Services.
Cabletron CDP Neighbor Port
ctCDPNeighborPort (defined in ctron-cdp-mib)
The ifIndex of the remote port. Note, there may not be an IP Interface associated with this port.
Cabletron CDP Neighbor Port Name
ctCDPNeighborPortName (defined in ctron-cdp-mib)
The value of object ifName of the neighbor's port.
sfps RA Topology Agent Neighbor In Port
sfpsRATopAgentNeighborInPort (defined in ctron-sfps-topology-mib)
sfps RA Topology Agent Neighbor Network Port
sfpsRATopAgentNeighborNetworkPort (defined in ctron-sfps-topology-mib)
sfps Incompatible Neighbor Logical Port
sfpsIncompatibleNeighborLogicalPort (defined in ctron-sfps-topology-mib)

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