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OID list for port ingress

dot1q Port Ingress Filtering
dot1qPortIngressFiltering (defined in Q-BRIDGE-MIB)
When this is true(1) the device will discard incoming frames for VLANs which do not include this Port in its Member set. When false(2), the port will accept all incoming frames. This control does not affect VLAN independent BPDU frames, such as GVRP and STP. It does affect VLAN dependent BPDU frames, such as GMRP.
v Port Mapping Ingress Table
vPmapIngressTable (defined in XYLAN-VLAN-MIB)
A list of Port Mapping Ingress port table instance on this physical OmniSwitch or OSR.
v Port Mapping Ingress Entry
vPmapIngressEntry (defined in XYLAN-VLAN-MIB)
A Port Mapping Ingress Port entry.
p Map Ingress Port
pMapIngressPort (defined in XYLAN-VLAN-MIB)
A physical port number that is associated with the Port Mapping Ingress Port.
Cabletron Vlan Port Ingress Filtering
ctVlanPortIngressFiltering (defined in ctron-vlan-extensions-mib)
A set of enable(1) causes the forwarding process to discard any frame received on the port, specified by ctVlanPortNum, that is not a member of the classified VLANs' egress list, as specified bt ctVlanEgressList. VLAN classification may be accomplished via the PVID, as specified by ctVlanPortVID, for untagged frames, or the VLAN Id specified in the VLAN tag for tagged packets. A set of disable(2) causes the port to submit all frames to the forwarding process that have not already been discarded by ctVlanPortDiscardFrame.
acl Ingress Ip Mask Source Port Bitmask
aclIngressIpMaskSourcePortBitmask (defined in v2h124-24-mib)
::= { aclIngressIpMaskEntry 9 } SYNTAX Integer32 (0..'FFFF'h) MAX-ACCESS read-create STATUS current DESCRIPTION "

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