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OIDs - port_loopback monitor

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OID list for port loopback

atmx Port Loopback Config
atmxPortLoopbackConfig (defined in XYLAN-ATM-MIB)
Loopback config. for this physical layer. 1 = NoLoop, 2 = DiagLoop, 3 = LineLoop, 4 = CellLoop, 5 = PayloadLoop
oc3 Port Loopback Type
oc3PortLoopbackType (defined in 3comab9300)
Loopback type of the OC3 port.
ds3 Port Loopback Type
ds3PortLoopbackType (defined in C-PRODUCT-DS3-MIB)
Loopback type of the DS3 port.
ds3 Port Feac Loopback
ds3PortFeacLoopback (defined in C-PRODUCT-DS3-MIB)
FEAC loopback for the DS3 port.
e3 Port Loopback Type
e3PortLoopbackType (defined in C-PRODUCT-E3-MIB)
Loopback type of the E3 port.

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