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OIDs - session_duration monitor

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OID list for session duration

Enterasys Multi Authentication Session Duration
etsysMultiAuthSessionDuration (defined in enterasys-multi-auth-mib)
The length of this session in seconds. This object MAY return zero for a session in any state other than authSuccess(1).
Enterasys Port Web Authentication Authentication Session Duration
etsysPwaAuthSessionDuration (defined in enterasys-pwa-mib)
The duration of the session in hundredths of seconds.
Enterasys Radius Snooping Session Duration
etsysRadiusSnoopingSessionDuration (defined in enterasys-radius-snooping-mib)
The value, in seconds, which have elapsed since the start of this session.
ALTIGA Dhcp Statistics Session Lease Duration
alDhcpStatsSessLeaseDuration (defined in ALTIGA-DHCP-STATS-MIB)
The duration of the current lease.
ALTIGA Active Session Duration Table
alActiveSessionDurationTable (defined in ALTIGA-SESSION-STATS-MIB)
Top ten list of Duration users.
ALTIGA Active Session Duration Index
alActiveSessionDurationIndex (defined in ALTIGA-SESSION-STATS-MIB)
Index of this session.
ALTIGA Active Session Duration User Name
alActiveSessionDurationUserName (defined in ALTIGA-SESSION-STATS-MIB)
The username used to authenticate this session.
ALTIGA Active Session Duration Connect Time
alActiveSessionDurationConnectTime (defined in ALTIGA-SESSION-STATS-MIB)
The total amount of time, in seconds that this session has been established.
ALTIGA Active Session Duration Octets Received
alActiveSessionDurationOctetsRcvd (defined in ALTIGA-SESSION-STATS-MIB)
The total number of octets received on this session.
ALTIGA Active Session Duration Sep Id
alActiveSessionDurationSepId (defined in ALTIGA-SESSION-STATS-MIB)
The SEP module assigned to this session.
ALTIGA Active Session Duration Group Id
alActiveSessionDurationGroupId (defined in ALTIGA-SESSION-STATS-MIB)
The group id assigned to this session.
ALTIGA Active Session Duration Public Ip Address
alActiveSessionDurationPublicIpAddress (defined in ALTIGA-SESSION-STATS-MIB)
The public peer IP address of this Remote Access session. Not used for administrative or LAN-to-LAN sessions.

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