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OID list for session operation

Character Session Operation Origin
charSessOperOrigin (defined in rfc1316)
The session's source of establishment.
Character Session Operation Origin
charSessOperOrigin (defined in rfc1658)
The session's source of establishment.
sna Lu Operation Session Count
snaLuOperSessnCount (defined in rfc1666)
The number of currently active LU-LU sessions of this LU. For the independent LU, if this object has value 0, it indicates that LU is inactive.
sna Lu Session Operation State
snaLuSessnOperState (defined in rfc1666)
The value indicates the current operational state of the session. 'unbound (1)' - session has been unbound; in this state it will be removed from the session table by the Agent. 'pendingBind (2)' - this state has different meanings for dependent and independent LUs; for dependent LU - waiting for BIND from the host, for independent LU - waiting for BIND response. When a session enters this state, the corresponding entry in the session table is created by the Agent. 'bound (3)' - session has been successfully bound. 'pendingUnbind (4)' - session enters this state when an UNBIND is sent and before the rsp(UNBIND) is received.
Network Appn Intermediate Session Routing Operation Status
nwAppnIsrOperStatus (defined in ctron-appn-mib)
Specifies the current operating condition of the ISR routing protocol, system-wide.
Cisco DSPU Lu Operation Session State
dspuLuOperSessionState (defined in CISCO-DSPU-MIB)
Operational state of LU session is either bound or unbound.
Cisco Switched Port Analyzer Session Operation Status
cspanSessionOperStatus (defined in CISCO-FC-SPAN-MIB)
The current state of the session.
Cisco Switched Port Analyzer Vsan Filter Operation Session Index
cspanVsanFilterOpSessIndex (defined in CISCO-FC-SPAN-MIB)
A session index associated with a session.
cisco Bidirectional Forwarding Detection Session Operation Mode
ciscoBfdSessOperMode (defined in CISCO-IETF-BFD-MIB)
This object specifies current operating mode that BFD session is operating in.

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