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OID list for vlan port number

vlan Port Port Number
vlanPortPortNum (defined in ctron-sfps-vlan-mib)
The primary index to the VlanPort table.
vlan Spanning Tree Port Port Number
vlanSpanningTreePortPortNumber (defined in ctron-sfps-vstp-mib)
The port number of the port instance. This value is also the primary index for the table.
Cabletron Vlan Supported Port Number
ctVlanSupportedPortNum (defined in ctron-vlan-extensions-mib)
The set of ports on the device, specified by ctVlanSupportedSlotNum, that support VLANs. Each octet within the value of this object specifies a set of eight ports, with the first octet specifying ports 1 through 8, the second octet specifying ports 9 through 16, etc. Within each octet, the most significant bit represents the lowest numbered port, and the least significant bit represents the highest numbered port. Thus, each port of the VLAN bridge is represented by a single bit within the value of this object. If that bit has a value of '1' then that port is included in the set of ports; the port is not included if its bit has a value of '0'.
Cabletron Vlan Port Slot Number
ctVlanPortSlotNum (defined in ctron-vlan-extensions-mib)
The slot number of the device that the bridge port is located on.
Cabletron Vlan Port Number
ctVlanPortNum (defined in ctron-vlan-extensions-mib)
The port number for which the information is requested.
Cabletron Vlan Egress Port Slot Number
ctVlanEgressPortSlotNum (defined in ctron-vlan-extensions-mib)
The slot number of the device that the VLAN is configured on.

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