July, 2018. v5.1 build 13330

July, 2018. v5.1 build 13330

Monitoring service: 2 new monitor types have been added:

New Syslog messages monitor has been added; this is the second passive monitor (after SNMP Custom Trap monitor) which is listening for input and triggers alerts if conditions have been met. That allows reacting quickly to important events posted to a system log at Unix-like hosts.

New Windows Event Log monitor (supports Windows versions starting from Vista and Windows Server 2008) has been added. That allows reacting to certain event log records added.

New security options for FTP monitor have been added (support for FTP over TLS).

Reporting: “Current” column of reports now reflects exactly the same data displayed as performance value in Monitors tree.

User interface: Standard (predefined) host groups can now be deleted.

Alerting: Simple actions “Send AOL message” and “Send ICQ message” have been discontinued, due to the lack of their support and up-to-date documentation.

Spike filter now ignores “Unknown” monitor state and checks last “Active” state of a monitor when deciding whether to skip polls. That helps to prevent spurious unnecessary polls and false alerts.

You can read the complete list of new features and enhancements in release notes.