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IPHost Network Monitor
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Maintenance and support for other editions

If you cannot find an appropriate edition in the table above please take a look at the Maintenance and Support Contracts for older licensing scheme page.


After initial purchase of any IPHost Network Monitor license you can upgrade your license to more powerful edition. Upgrade fee is equal to difference in prices between corresponding editions. Please contact us by e-mail or using a contact form to get upgrade instructions.

General Terms of Purchase

The fastest way to get IPHost Network Monitor or supplementary products is to order online by bank card using the purchase links on this page.You will be offered to choose payment means as you proceed with Order form (it will appear after you click “Add to Cart” button on this page).

The payments processing service is provided by Robokassa Ltd.

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After your order has been processed, you will receive e-mail with your license key and registration instructions.

If you require support during your purchase, please direct all your questions to our e-commerce provider Robokassa Ltd., using the support site.

For other questions or support, please email us directly at:

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