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IPHost Network Monitor allows you to test and monitor performance parameters of network proxies.You can select what variable to monitor using built-in MIB browser that provides you with all variables supported by proxy, their current values and descriptions taken from MIBs.

Network proxy, or network proxy server is a server (computing system or application) acting as intermediary for requests sent to outer resources. By their role, proxies can be

  • tunneling proxy, or gateway, passes unmodified data as is
  • forwarding proxy requests data from Internet and passes to client
  • reverse proxy, passing requests from outer resources to another server (usually in the same network)

Proxy servers typically are used to implement traffic control, accounting and monitoring; circumvent access restrictions and/or provide certain level of anonymity when requesting Internet resources.

Reverse proxy are often used to pass requests processing to another application (for example, Apache Web server processing dynamic content, whereas Nginx serving static one). Other popular uses of reverse proxies include load balancing, filtering for possibly malicious content, data compressing and so on.

Typical proxies monitoring use cases

Beyond gathering typical system health data and doing basic presence checks, monitoring printers can be used to

  • verifying proxy service health (e.g., if proxy is used as load balancers, make sure it actually distributes incoming requests)
  • gather statistics (and perform actions if certain thresholds are passed)
  • if accounting stats indicate approaching usage quota, issue a warning

and so on. Network proxy monitoring refers to specific use case of the proxy in question.

List of MIBs used to monitor proxy devices

A list of several MIBs used to monitor proxy devices is below:

    This MIB module enhances the IETF Dial Control MIB (RFC2128) by providing Proxy management information.
    This MIB module contains the agent capabilities for the CISCO-SSL-PROXY-MIB.
    This MIB module is for managing a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Proxy device which terminates and accelerates SSL and Transport Layer Security (TLS) transactions.
    This MIB module contains the definitions of management objects for Microsoft’s H323 Proxy Filter.
    Proxy MIB defined for the generic management of proxy devices.
    This MIB module defines MIB objects which provide mechanisms to remotely configure the parameters used by a proxy forwarding application.

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Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot
Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot

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