Networks monitoring with IPHost Monitor

To maintain a network providing a number of services nowadays, network and server monitoring is required: it is beyond capabilities of any human operator to make manual checks; the more complex are networks, the easier is to miss something important while checking manually.

There are many pieces of software, both commercial and free, created to handle monitoring tasks. IPHost Network Monitor is from among such tools, it allows to monitor a variety of services, including situations when it is not possible to access the network to watch from outside.

IPHost Network Monitor belongs to enterprise network monitoring tools, it is scalable and allows to collect data from many installations (named SNMP agents), accessible from a single command center (named SNMP manager).

IPHost Network Monitor 5.4 build 14538 of April 21, 2023. File size: 111MB

This piece of software is able to communicate over variety of network protocols based on TCP or UDP; it performs ICMP ‘echo’ (Ping) monitoring as well. IPHost Network Monitor was built to watch all the popular protocols, allowing to run user-defined scripts or programs in cases the built-in monitor types are not sufficient to cover monitoring needs.

The program is Windows software, yet it can serve as Linux network monitor as well as handle monitoring any other operating system. SNMP and SSH monitors type allow efficiently creating and running any custom type of checks to provide required data.

In the same way, the program can be used for monitoring wireless networks, providing uniform network monitoring management interface. Existing monitoring tools such as Nagios plugins can also be used to integrate seamlessly into the provided interface.

Most popular network activity parameters can be easily monitored with the IPHost Network Monitor. You can monitor network bandwidth, speed, number of connections – i.e. you can monitor network performance in its different aspects.

It could be necessary to provide certain custom scripts to carry out detailed bandwidth monitoring; most network devices provide, through SNMP and other protocols, a number of parameters summarizing bandwidth consumed, network speed and so on.

The mentioned third-party monitoring software can be used by IPHost Network Monitor to monitor network connections, and provide filtered data, useful for fine control tasks (to count user/computer traffic usage, connections number and so on).

To sum it up, it is possible to monitor network activity in general and in specific aspects as well.

To study restricted-access network, remote monitoring system can be used: separate data collecting installation of IPHost Network Monitor (so called agents) are able to work in both active and passive mode, thus allowing to supervise network state without compromising existing security scheme.

SNMP network monitoring is a generic monitoring type, allowing, indirectly, to make use of any user-defined script or program to collect required data.

You can also learn more on network monitoring best practices by studying a number of use cases provided and/or mentioned by our customers.

Free 30-day trial version of IPHost Network Monitor is available. During your trial you can get support by e-mail, please use contact form to send all your inquiries on IPHost Network Monitor features and purchase.

Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot
Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot


Download the free trial of IPHost Network Monitor and start monitoring of your network and critical applications in minutes.

IPHost Network Monitor 5.4 build 14538 of April 21, 2023. File size: 111MB

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