August 2010 (3.0 build 4458)

August 2010 (3.0 build 4458)


Version 3.0 introduces Remote Network Agent that enables monitoring in remote networks using IPHost Network Monitor. Remote Network Agents allow monitoring remote hosts in multiple separate networks from one central point. With Remote Network Agent you can monitor all types of monitors available in IPHost Network Monitor.


The IPHost Network Monitor Client has been modified to take into account values of the $HostName and $HostNotes monitoring system variables in configuration of the Admin Tools. Before, only the $HostDNS and $HostIP were used.

The HTTP(S) monitor has been modified to accept timeouts more than 21 seconds.

The SNMP browser has been modified to allow working through slow and/or high latency networks (say the satellite ones). Browser now uses the timeout value from the corresponding SNMP monitor settings. User may also configure (via the nms.ini file) number of retry attempts SNMP browser will do in case of missing SNMP response. By default, 4 attempts are done.

IPHost Network Monitor installer has been fixed to not conflict with the Firebird database server installed on the computer before (in particular with the Firebird 2.1).