Release notes

May 2024 (5.4 build 14598)

This is a maintenance release, with new features introduced, and bugs fixed.

3-rd party tools upgraded

Third party tools such as OpenSSL, curl and other libraries have been updated to their latest stable versions.

A built-in Python interpreter (also known as embedded Python) has been updated from 3.8.14 to 3.10.13.

SSH: Remote Script or Program monitor: “arguments” parameter

Script arguments can now be provided in SSH (Remote Script or Program) monitor when option “How to run a script” is set to “Take a script from the text below”. The same feature has already existed for option “Take a script from file”.

Installer: “Could not create monitoring database” misleading error

Fixed misleading “Could not create monitoring database” error when DNS is not working due to some reason (possibly due to missing or inactive network adapters). The installer is now successfully completing its work even when the DNS service is not available (name resolution doesn’t work). However, network resource monitoring will be limited to the subnet.

HTTP(S) monitor now supporting HTTP/2 and HTTP/3

Added support for HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 protocols in HTTP(S) monitor. New ‘HTTP Version’ parameter has been added to HTTP(S) monitor parameters to choose HTTP version(s) to establish HTTP(S) connection. The following values are supported for the new parameter:

  • 1.1 – use HTTP 1.1 (default)
  • 2.0 – use HTTP/2, fall back to the earlier version (HTTP 1.1) if HTTP/2 is not supported by the HTTP(S) server
  • 2.0 with TLS – attempt HTTP/2 over TLS (HTTPS) only. Falls back to HTTP 1.1 if HTTP/2 cannot be negotiated with the HTTPS server
  • 2.0 Prior Knowledge – Issue non-TLS HTTP requests using HTTP/2 without HTTP/1.1 Upgrade to reduce time to establish HTTP/2 connection, it requires prior knowledge that the server supports HTTP/2 straight away. HTTPS requests still do HTTP/2 the standard way with negotiated protocol version during the TLS handshake
  • 3.0 – use HTTP/3, fall back to the earlier HTTP versions when HTTP/3 is not supported
  • 3.0 Only – enforce HTTP/3 without fallback to the earlier versions

“Do nothing” alert action

If an alert is configured to no action (<do nothing>), and another alert references the former (i.e., «the same action <do nothing> »), the client application used to crash at displaying «Settings -> Alerting Rules » tab. The bug has been fixed.

If the user tried to change any existing action to <do nothing>, the action was actually changed only in the UI, the value in the database remained the same. The bug has been fixed.

IPHost GUI client on a High-DPI monitor

Monitoring Client: Added support for proper scaling of the client interface on high DPI monitors. Previously, interface elements could be too large or too small compared to the rest of the desktop.

Ignoring SSL errors in HTTPS monitor

Fixed regression introduced in HTTPS monitor and FTP monitor with FTPS/FTPES protocols when ‘Ignore HTTPS/SSL errors’ option was disabled, previously it could lead into ‘Poll failed: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK’ error during TLS connection establishment in HTTPS/FTPS/FTPES protocols.

This regression has been introduced since v5.4 build 14486 of IPHost Network Monitor.

Email reports

Made daily/weekly/monthly email reports with big number of monitors weigh less

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