February 2012 (3.1 build 6249)

February 2012 (3.1 build 6249)


Group operations with monitors and hosts. Now users of IPHost Network Monitor can copy, delete, start, stop, and poll any selected monitors and hosts at once.


IPHost Client Application changes: “Play Sound” alarm in “Default Alerting Rule” is now not associated with any state change by default but is still included in the alerting rule.

Sample custom monitor iphost_dirsize_kb (script for monitoring of directory size) was changed to support paths with non-ascii characters and deeply-nested directories. New options were added to output detailed information and ignore certain errors while going through files.


IPHost Network Monitor can now send emails through SurgeMail SMTP server using plain authentication.

MS SQL monitor can now to authenticate with domain user account. Fixed some bugs in MS SQL Database monitor when “Use Trusted Connection = YES” option is chosen. Now MS SQL Database monitor supports both SQL Server Authentication and Integrated Windows Authentication. Added option “Connect By” to choose how to connect to MS SQL Server, by TCP port, or by instance name.