March 2015 (4.0 build 8879)

March 2015 (4.0 build 8879)

This is a maintenance release.

Monitoring Service

Now we have added new variables which can be used in alert messages:

  • $AgentName, $AgentNotes, $AgentReportUrl and $AgentMobileReportUrl – contain information about Remote Agent for a current monitor
  • $AlertTime – indicates the time when an alert was issued. It may differ from $Time that indicates when the problem took place. More specifically, it will differ when the alert is performed with some delay relative to the problem or when it is repeated later.


The parameter “Notes (in reports)” has been added to the Regular reporting section on the Main parameters tab for Remote Agents.

Hosts are now displayed as ‘Hostname (IP)’ or just ‘IP’ (when Hostname is not resolved) in the following places:

  • Main Tree in Monitoring Client
  • Tree By Host in the Web Interface
  • Report Header in the Web Interface
  • Popup Alert text

Web Interface

We have addressed all recently disclosed HTTPS security vulnerabilities by updating the OpenSSL library and httpd.conf configuration file. This change affects the Apache Web server that provides access to the Web Interface in case of using HTTPS. See conf/README.TXT for an explanation how to enable HTTPS access to the Web Interface.