October 2010 (3.0 build 4556)

October 2010 (3.0 build 4556)


New option in Web Transaction monitor add-on. Now it supports usage of local browser cache for second and subsequent web pages in a web transaction. It allows monitor to emulate the real user experience more precisely.

Bulk automatic remote upgrade of Remote Network Agents from central installation of IPHost Network Monitor.

New Monitor Wizard can now correctly resolve host names in the remote network via selected Remote Network Agent. Previously host names valid only in the remote network cannot be resolved and checked during the monitor creation.

Multiple improvements in Remote Network Agents management.


The IPHost Client Application has beed fixed to correctly save the non standard port numbers user specifies for scaning in the Discovery Wizard. Before the fix changes were not saved.

Remote Network Agent management console has been changed to allow user to cancel the changes done and reload the current settings values. The Remote Network Agent has been fixed to correctly detect absense of connection with main service. The IPHost Monitoring Service has been fixed to correctly handle the licence restrictions for Remote Network Agents working in passive mode.