January 2015 (4.0 build 8716)

January 2015 (4.0 build 8716)

This is a bugfix release.

General Changes

The Default Down State Timeout has been changed from 10 to 20 seconds for all monitors. A default Warning State Time Limit of 10 seconds is introduced. Both thresholds have the spike filtering checkbox enabled to ignore a single threshold violation (a spike). You can change these default thresholds by selecting the All Agents tree node in the Main tree and then editing the parameters on the State conditions tab in Parameters/Results View.

The PING monitors now use different thresholds: 5 seconds for Down and 0.5 seconds for Warning (with spike filtering enabled). They also use a different polling interval of 30 seconds rather than one minute used by the other monitors.

Monitors discovered or created through the New Monitor Wizard do not issue alerts when they are created in an already “bad” state. This is the initial state of a monitor, not a state change, so it is not considered to be “something bad that has just happened”.

False positives have been fixed in the rare cases of PINGing to a disconnected host with a response time exactly matching the timeout, which led to a very small chance of a PING returning success when the host was actually Down.


The client GUI application might experience delays when navigating a tree in the main window. The problem could take place when the host where the application was running was not known to the system DNS servers. Now such delays should not occur.

Web Transaction Monitor

Web Transaction Monitor is fixed to save the Down state timeout and Warning state time limit recommended by Web Transaction Player. In version 4.0.8652 these limits were ignored and the default thresholds were inherited instead.

Web Interface

The mobile version of the web interface, http:<host>:8084/nms_mobile/index.html, has been fixed. Previously an attempt to open this URL resulted in an error message about a non-existing file called “form”. Now this URL opens a mobile variant of the web UI as it should.

A shorter variant of the URL also works now, http:<host>:8084/nms_mobile/ (the same is true for nms/ path when using the standard web interface). Paths without a trailing slash do not work in this release yet.