September 2014 (3.5 build 8152)

September 2014 (3.5 build 8152)


Now it is possible to filter any incoming SNMP Trap Payload with regular expressions. Two expressions can be set: one to accept a trap with matching payload, and another one to ignore a trap with matching payload. If both expressions are empty, no filters are applied to payload. Also, a new type of SNMP Generic Trap has been added: Custom Trap, filtered by regexp. One or two regular expressions should be set to define the trap instead of its OID. One regexp to accept any trap with matching OID, and another one to ignore any trap with matching OID. If both regexps are empty, the new trap type works as Custom Trap with “Any” OID.


  • Traffic monitors now handle correctly the case when target host is rebooted: monitor turns to Unknown state for a single poll and continues to count traffic starting from next poll. Besides, the case when more than 2Gb of data is passed through the network interface between two consecutive polls is correctly handled by traffic volume monitors; previously, they might temporarily switch to Down state in such a case.
  • Logic of network interface selection for traffic monitors in process of network discovery is improved: now it attempts to create a new monitor for the network interface serving the host IP address, then for other external IP addresses, then for loopback address(es).


  • WAV file that is actually a container over mp3 content can be converted to mp3 format to be used as alert sound.
  • The traffic monitor interface table shows all the IPv4 addresses for each interface. A warning message is issued if an interface that serves multiple IPv4 addresses is selected.
  • Post-5.6.6 MySQL client can connect with old server using non-default pre-4.1.1 authentication protocol.