December 2019 (5.1 build 14116)

December 2019 (5.1 build 14116)

This is a maintenance release, with new features introduced, and bugs fixed. Notable changes list follows.


  • New setting Make Event Log raw data available in alerts was added to Windows Event Log monitor. If this setting is turned on, then matched events from Windows Event Log are collected into $EventAdditionalDetails variable. One can use $EventAdditionalDetails variable in alert templates – emails, SMS-messages and so on.
  • SNMP and WMI Traffic monitors have been changed to measure instantaneous values. Previously monitors might show traffic flowing through a network interface when there is no traffic on an interface but a lot of traffic was seen some time ago.

Monitoring Client

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect ‘Test’ button response for a prolonged state in “Alerting” tab of Monitor settings.


  • Previously the charts available in Report tab might contain wrong polling results for some intervals. Gaps and straight lines might be shown instead of actual polling results. This has been fixed.


  • Previously the creation of default demonstration set of monitors for local host might fail in case of product installation on very slow or high-loaded machines. This problem has been fixed.