November 2022 (5.4 build 14486)

November 2022 (5.4 build 14486)

This is a maintenance release, with new features introduced, and bugs fixed.

Monitoring service

  • My SQL Database monitor now supports My SQL 8.0 database monitoring

  • Added support for the latest Microsoft OLE DB Driver “Microsoft OLE DB Driver 19 for SQL Server” in MS SQL database monitor

  • Fixed: corrected error in WMI traffic monitors, previously these monitors could be always down under certain rare conditions

  • Fixed: corrected rotation of log files. Previously, the rotation could stop, and thus the log file could accumulate information that exceeded the set limit.

Monitoring Client

  • Introduced support for monitoring templates for devices which support SNMP protocol. “New Monitor Wizard” form now provides 94 new device monitoring templates for printers, UPS and network equipment in “Device Templates” section. Work with new monitoring templates for devices is similar to work with existing application templates

  • Changes in HTTP(S), DNS and SNMP monitors:

    The user can now specify multiple strings to validate result of a HTTP monitor. The following variants are supported:
    – status is OK, if the result contains one of the specified strings;
    – status is OK, if the result does not contain any of the specified strings;

    A new “Use regular expressions” checkbox was added to HTTP, DNS, and string result validation sections. If this checkbox is on, the strings entered in this section are understood as regular expressions.

    A new “Case insensitive” checkbox was added to HTTP and string result validation sections. If this checkbox is on, the case-insensitive comparison is used for validation.

    DNS result validation is now always case-insensitive.

  • Fixed: the SNMP browser did not authenticate correctly if the SNMPv3 authentication is specified in the “Use custom settings” variant of settings.

  • Fixed: the IPHost Network Monitor client has been fixed to avoid freezing on startup when the port used by monitor database server is already occupied by another application. Now the IPHost monitor informs user in such a case with an appropriate message regarding possible server inaccessibility through the port and terminates running.

Web interface

  • The self-signed SSL certificate automatically generated when installing the IP host monitor is now more compatible with modern Web browsers when connecting to the IP host Web interface via HTTPS protocol.

Software Components

  • A built-in Python interpreter (also known as embedded Python) has been updated from 3.6.4 to 3.8.14.

  • Third party tools such as Apache HTTP server, OpenSSL, curl and other libraries have been updated to their latest stable released versions.


  • Fixed: The IPHost Network Monitor installer has been fixed to correctly skip busy ports when looking for ports to be used by monitor servers. Previously, the installation could hang at the configuring stage.