April 2019 (5.1 build 14047)

April 2019 (5.1 build 14047)

This is a maintenance release, with new features introduced, and bugs fixed.

Monitoring Database

Improved performance and reduced monitoring database size. This allows you to monitor more resources.

Monitoring Client

  • IPHost Network Monitor can now perform fast configuration backup. Such a backup is automatically produced frequently enough. You can restore your configuration without monitoring results using Settings/DB Maintenance page.
  • Performance optimization: now only 1000 latest log records are displayed in the “Logs” panel when total amount of records exceeds 1000 (remaining records are hidden, but they can be browsed using the link “Show full logs”). The rationale is to keep the Monitoring Client UI responsive when navigating over the tree in case there are thousands of log records for the last 24 hours.

Several bug fixes and improvements.