Export and import monitoring setup settings

How can I only leave monitoring setup settings in the database?

Q: Can I remove all the gathered monitoring data from the database, leaving only monitoring settings?

A: Yes, you can do that; follow one of the two approaches below. We recommend using first one (export and/or import monitoring data via IPHost GUI client), wherever possible. In case you are using out-of-date IPHost version (which we do not recommend), please use the second (manual) approach.

1. Export/import monitoring setup via GUI client

This is available, in case you are using IPHost v5.1 build 14047 or later version. Other conditions equal, this is the recommended approach.

Run IPHost GUI client and proceed to “Settings > DB Maintenance”. Important: when restoring configuration only, you will lose all the gathered monitoring and reporting data irreversibly. Thus, we recommend clicking “Generate DB Backup Now” button and wait till the most recent full monitoring database backup is created.

After it has been created, proceed to “Available Backups” tab and click “Restore configuration” button. You would need to confirm the action:

Confirm restoring configuration

After you confirm restoring configuration, it usually takes a few minutes to complete the process.

2. Manual export and import of monitoring configuration

If you own a commercial IPHost license and use out-of-date IPHost version (which is not capable of saving and restoring configuration), please contact our tech.support for assistance.

Note that we do not recommend using older IPHost versions (apart from adding new features and improving performance, we also include security-related updates and configuration changes into new IPHost releases).

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