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Why you should backup IPHost monitoring database

Backup your monitoring database to prevent data loss Q: Do I need to backup IPHost monitoring database? A: Every backup copy decreases risk of data loss. Please note that every hardware device will fail sooner or later, that includes memory chips, storage devices (such as hard disks, solid-state drives etc), and so on. OS and/or […]

IPHost monitoring database is damaged, how do I recover database?

Q: IPHost monitoring service gets stopped right after it’s started. How do I check whether monitoring data and settings are fine? A: try following the steps below, or contact our Tech. Support. Important! Fixing IPHost monitoring database is a set of advanced techniques. Make sure you have DBA (database administration) experience before going on. If […]

How I may be sure monitoring database gets backed up?

How can I get notified if monitoring database automated backup gets too old? Q: IPHost creates automated backup file (nms.gbak) for monitoring database. How can I get alerted if it stops updating it? A: You can check age of backup file by means offered below. However, you should do your own monitoring database backups if […]

Is it possible to get alerted when monitoring database gets damaged?

I have had monitoring database damaged when power outage happened. Is there way I could immediately get notified when monitoring database requires fixing? Q: I would prefer to get notified when monitoring database becomes inconsistent. How to spot that early? A: Below are steps that allow you to check monitoring database for consistency, without stopping […]

How shall I send you database file? It’s very large.

How shall I send you database file? It’s very large. Q: I want to send you monitoring database file for analysis, but it’s too large to include it into email message. How shall I pass it? A: First of all, we recommend compressing the database file(s) prior to sending them. Use utilities such as WinZip […]

Why can’t I add monitors or change their state?

I can’t add monitors or update their state, perhaps monitoring database is at fault? Q: We can’t add more monitors. Every time we add new ones, after monitoring service restart all new monitors are gone. Also, no data is gathered for existing monitors. Is everything OK with monitoring database? A: The symptoms described mean monitoring […]

How to prevent monitoring database corruption?

I restored monitoring database from backup, but it’s still corrupted. How to avoid this in future? Q: My computer running IPHost network Monitor crashed. I attempted steps described in Knowledge Base article on restoring database, but database remains damaged and unusable. How to avoid such situation in future? A: We strongly recommend IPHost Network Monitor […]

Why monitoring service stops frequently?

Network monitoring service stops frequently and/or no new monitoring data are gathered. What happened? Q: I noticed that monitoring service stops now and then, there are monitoring data missing. What’s wrong? A: Monitoring database might become corrupted. Frequently stopping monitoring service may be a typical symptom of that. Note that IPHost Network Monitor keeps a […]

Can I continue to use trial monitoring database with paid license?

Can database file of trial version be used with paid license version? Q: I plan to order an IPHost license. However, I have monitoring database created with trial version, and I wish to keep it. Can I use that database with paid version of IPHost? A: It definitely can be used. Trial licenses differ from […]

How big can monitoring database grow?

How big can your database get before we start running into issues? Q: The bigger database file is, the more resources it will take to process. How big can the file grow before it starts slowing everything down? A: By default, raw data (performance values for all polls) is stored for last 24 hours. The […]
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