Why can’t I add monitors or change their state?

I can’t add monitors or update their state, perhaps monitoring database is at fault?

Q: We can’t add more monitors. Every time we add new ones, after monitoring service restart all new monitors are gone. Also, no data is gathered for existing monitors. Is everything OK with monitoring database?

A: The symptoms described mean monitoring database may be inconsistent. If one or more of the following happens:

  • monitoring service is stopped, yet GUI client reports it’s running
  • monitoring service stops soon after it has been started
  • no more new monitors can be added, nor existing can be modified
  • monitoring service seems working, yet monitoring data isn’t updated

it could mean monitoring database is damaged and should be repaired or restored from backup. Please follow detailed instructions on how to restore monitoring database from backup.

If restoring database from backup didn’t work, it may mean it has been damaged more than a day ago, and its backup copy is also damaged. We are ready to try restoring your database, please contact us for details on how to transfer your database file to us.

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