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Why can’t I add monitors or change their state?

I can’t add monitors or update their state, perhaps monitoring database is at fault? Q: We can’t add more monitors. Every time we add new ones, after monitoring service restart all new monitors are gone. Also, no data is gathered for existing monitors. Is everything OK with monitoring database? A: The symptoms described mean monitoring […]

Why monitoring service stops frequently?

Network monitoring service stops frequently and/or no new monitoring data are gathered. What happened? Q: I noticed that monitoring service stops now and then, there are monitoring data missing. What’s wrong? A: Monitoring database might become corrupted. Frequently stopping monitoring service may be a typical symptom of that. Note that IPHost Network Monitor keeps a […]

Report IPHost errors

I believe IPHost Network Monitor encountered an error. How should I report that? Q: IPHost reported an error or crashed. What shall I do in such a case? A: We are sorry to know the program encountered an error. However, this can happen. Please follow the following steps to send us as many required information […]