Report IPHost errors

I believe IPHost Network Monitor encountered an error. How should I report that?

Q: IPHost reported an error or crashed. What shall I do in such a case?

A: We are sorry to know the program encountered an error. However, this can happen. Please follow the following steps to send us as many required information as possible, so we could handle your issue as quickly as possible.

Make sure the error is reproducible. For example, in cases of temporarily connectivity loss certain monitors can stop being updated. Restarting monitoring service in such a case can handle such situation. If error state persists, please look for the following data that can help us idetify error and suggest how to fix it.

1. Locate IPHost Network Monitor log files iphost.log, error.log and firebird.log. They are located in
C:\ProgramData\IPHost Network Monitor\logs
if you use Windows Vista or above, or in
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IPHost Network Monitor\logs
if you use Windows 2003 or XP. Attach those files to your email message to our Support. Please compress them (using WinZIP or any other utility of your choice) wherever possible.

In case you are using IPHost Network Monitor of versions prior to 4.0: firebird.log is located in “firebird” directory relative to IPHost installation folder. If IPHost is installed in
C:\Program Files\IPHost Network Monitor
then firebird.log file is in
C:\Program Files\IPHost Network Monitor\firebird
directory. Please attach it as well (compress whenever possible, to reduce mail message size).

2. Locate IPHost Network Monitor configuration file (nms.ini). It is located in
C:\ProgramData\IPHost Network Monitor
if you use Windows Vista or above, or in
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IPHost Network Monitor
if you use Windows 2003 or XP.

3. Open your Event Viewer (in Administrative Tools of your Control Panel) and look for entries containing IPHost string in them, if present. Copy those events and paste into email messages (if any).

4. In email message, please specify version of your IPHost Network Monitor installation, explain steps to reproduce error (what you do, what is expected, what happens instead) and attach additional information files, as mentioned in steps 1-3 above. Send us the email and we will do our best to help you to handle the issue.

Note: if your database file is damaged, we can attempt to recover it. We can set up a FTP account for you, to upload the monitoring database. Please contact us if you need to recover database file.

Note that there are typical situations when error is almost always well-known. For example, if monitoring service often stops immediately after being started, most probably monitoring database file got corrupted. Please refer to article about restoring corrupted database.

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