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Send notifications to a Slack channel

Is it possible to send alert notifications to a Slack channel? Q: I need to post a message to a Slack channel every time alert is executed. How can I do that? A: Please follow the below guide: 1. Create Slack API Webhook Integration Create Incoming Webhook integration for your team as described on corresponding […]

Securing IPHost Network Monitor installation

What are possible security risks using IPHost Network Monitor and how can I reduce them? Q: Does IPHost Network Monitor extend the surface of vulnerability of my system? How can I prevent exposing the monitored hosts to additional security risks brought about by monitoring? A: IPHost Network Monitor contains several software components, requiring escalated privileges […]

Reverse TCP and UDP checks

How to monitor resources that should not be normally accessible on certain TCP/UDP ports? Q: I need to check whether Windows Firewall blocks certain TCP/UDP ports. How can I monitor the port that should normally be closed for connections? A: If simple TCP/UDP connectivity check does, you can use a “Script or Program” monitor to […]

Unattended installation of IPHost Network Monitor or Remote Network Agent

How can I run unattended installation of IPHost Network Monitor and/or IPHost Network Monitor Agent? Q: Is it possible to run silent install of IPHost Network Monitor and/or IPHost Network Monitor Agent? A: To perform unattended IPHost and/or Remote Network Agent installation, first download the CMD scripts from the following links: installAgent.bat installMonitor.bat and the […]

How can I allow access to certain Web interface pages only?

Q: I need to restrict access to web interface pages. How can I do that? A: Web server, bundled with IPHost Network Monitor, is supplied with two authentication modules, providing Basic and Digest authentication. Below are instructions on how to use either of them. In the settings listed below, <IP address> should be replaced with […]

IPHost monitoring database is damaged, how do I recover database?

Q: IPHost monitoring service gets stopped right after it’s started. How do I check whether monitoring data and settings are fine? A: try following the steps below, or contact our Tech. Support. Important! Fixing IPHost monitoring database is a set of advanced techniques. Make sure you have DBA (database administration) experience before going on. If […]

I need to reinstall Remote Network Agent, how to avoid re-creating its network monitors?

Q: I need to re-install Remote Network Agent. However, there are 100+ monitors running on it. How to avoid re-creating manually all its network monitors? A: To avoid re-creating multiple monitors (and their hosts), you can keep a separate copy of them temporarily. Host groups are the best tools for that. If you need to […]

Mutual monitoring of IPHost installations

Q: I have IPHost installed and running, but how can I be sure it’s running and monitoring is active? A: To make sure IPHost installation is actually active, monitoring service is running and monitoring performed, you need to monitor IPHost installation itself. Otherwise, if it fails, you have no clues on whether monitoring is actually […]

After I manually upgraded Remote Network Agent, main installation stopped communicating with it

Automated upgrade from main installation for one of agents didn’t work and I upgraded it manually. Now main installation sees it as a new agent. How to re-connect it? Q: After agent upgrade, main installation displays it as another (new) agent. There are many monitors assigned to that agent and I don’t want to lose […]

How can I filter the payload of SNMP Generic traps?

I prefer setting SNMP Trap, to get notification as soon as possible, without polling for it. How can I fine tune it, to only trigger when certain values are sent? Q: There’s “Custom trap, filtered by regexp” type that could solve my task, but you give no hint what regexp are? A: Perl-style regular expressions […]
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