Why monitoring service stops frequently?

Network monitoring service stops frequently and/or no new monitoring data are gathered. What happened?

Q: I noticed that monitoring service stops now and then, there are monitoring data missing. What’s wrong?

A: Monitoring database might become corrupted. Frequently stopping monitoring service may be a typical symptom of that.

Note that IPHost Network Monitor keeps a single monitoring database backup copy it makes once a day (file name nms.gbak, read below for its location). We strongly recommend our customers to make additional backup copies of database of their own. The simplest way is to set up a scheduled task to copy the mentioned backup copy elsewhere. We suggest making as many backup copies as is reasonable, depending on database size – the more, the better.

If you detect problems, first we advise to look for possible error reasons in IPHost Network Monitor log files.

If you detect messages of database process stopping due to database probably corrupted, you can restore monitoring database from backup copy. Follow these steps:

1) Stop the IPHost service (Tools -> Stop monitoring service) and client (File -> Exit).

2) Move existing nms.fdb file (broken database) elsewhere from the “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IPHost Network Monitor\data” directory on Windows XP/2003 or from “C:\ProgramData\IPHost Network Monitor\data” on Windows Vista/7/2008 and later.

3) Start the IPHost client. It will report that the database file is missing and will suggest to recover from the backup (nms.gbak file). Proceed with the restore procedure.

4) Start the IPHost client and service.

If monitoring resumed and no errors reported, the recovery was a success. If it weren’t, and if you have not make additional backups, you can try to contact us to have database fixed manually. However, please keep in mind that IPHost Network Monitor does all possible to fix the file.

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