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Running monitoring service under non-default account

Which account shall IPHost monitoring service run as? Q: My site shows different behavior when visited from actual browser and under Web Transaction Monitor! Cookies are not saved, why? A: You should perhaps run monitoring service under a different account. See below for longer explanation. By default, IPHost monitoring service runs under Local System account […]

Why monitoring service stops frequently?

Network monitoring service stops frequently and/or no new monitoring data are gathered. What happened? Q: I noticed that monitoring service stops now and then, there are monitoring data missing. What’s wrong? A: Monitoring database might become corrupted. Frequently stopping monitoring service may be a typical symptom of that. Note that IPHost Network Monitor keeps a […]

How to register monitoring service?

How do I register monitoring service if IPHost Network Monitor installation process was interrupted? Q: IPHost Monitor Network installation process has been interrupted by firewall blocking its communication. After installation has ended, IPHost’s monitoring service is missing from services list. How can I register monitoring service? A: If monitoring service hasn’t been registered during installation […]