How to register monitoring service?

How do I register monitoring service if IPHost Network Monitor installation process was interrupted?

Q: IPHost Monitor Network installation process has been interrupted by firewall blocking its communication. After installation has ended, IPHost’s monitoring service is missing from services list. How can I register monitoring service?

A: If monitoring service hasn’t been registered during installation for some reason, you can register it manually from command line.

Please start Windows command shell cmd.exe. Note: use right-click and select ‘Run as’ option to run cmd.exe as administrator.

You should navigate to IPHost Network Monitor installation directory to register the service. Installation directory looks like
C:\Program Files\IPHost Network Monitor
C:\Program Files (x86)\IPHost Network Monitor
depending on OS architecture. Among other files, file named NMSService.exe should be present in installation directory.

Run the following commands in cmd.exe window:

cd "\Program Files\IPHost Network Monitor"
NMSService.exe /install

(choose appropriate installation directory name in second command from this list).

Please check services list (Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Services) to make sure monitoring service is now listed. If it isn’t, and/or if there were error messages while running the mentioned commands, please contact our support for assistance.

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