Running monitoring service under non-default account

Which account shall IPHost monitoring service run as?

Q: My site shows different behavior when visited from actual browser and under Web Transaction Monitor! Cookies are not saved, why?

A: You should perhaps run monitoring service under a different account. See below for longer explanation.

By default, IPHost monitoring service runs under Local System account (displayed as SYSTEM in access control lists). To see that, open “Administrative tools > Services”, find “IPHost Network Monitor” service and choose “Log On” on “Properties”:

Log on settings for monitoring service

SYSTEM account is not a regular system account (see this MSDN article for more details): it’s not displayed in accounts list and can’t be assigned to groups. It doesn’t require password and has very high privileges on the system. However, there are drawbacks in using it.

SYSTEM account has no actual user profile (although you can use the directory


for that purpose in many cases).

This is why it can behave differently from regular accounts, which have user profiles and can store account-specific settings (program data). If using SYSTEM account makes monitoring service behave differently from running same action as regular user, you can assign a different account to run the monitoring service as.

Make sure the account you would plan to use is a member of local “Administrators” group; otherwise, it may have insufficient privileges to run monitors. To change the account used by monitoring service, first stop it (from “Administrative tools” or from IPHost GUI client “Tools” menu)

Please note that IPHost GUI client may require access password (if it’s set) when run by user different from the one having installed IPHost.

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