How to prevent monitoring database corruption?

I restored monitoring database from backup, but it’s still corrupted. How to avoid this in future?

Q: My computer running IPHost network Monitor crashed. I attempted steps described in Knowledge Base article on restoring database, but database remains damaged and unusable. How to avoid such situation in future?

A: We strongly recommend IPHost Network Monitor users to make their own database backups, wherever possible. The program keeps a backup copy of its monitoring database in this file:
“C:\ProgramData\IPHost Network Monitor\data\nms.gbak”
if Windows Vista or above is in use, or in
“C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IPHost Network Monitor\data\nms.gbak”
if Windows 2003 or XP is being used.

This file is created on daily basis only as precaution, the last resort in case something goes wrong. If monitoring database crashed and this event wasn’t noticed for some reason, chances are that next daily backup mentioned above will contain damaged database.

This is why the above file should also be stored elsewhere, to minimize chances it will be lost or damaged as well.

Here are several simple precautions to avoid losing the entire monitoring database due to system crash or similar event:

  • if using Windows native backup facility, avoid making backups on the same disk — if it crashes, both database and its backups might be lost. Use external (removable, or network) drive to store a copy of monitoring database backup file
  • always do backup prior to upgrading IPHost Network Monitor, installing operating system updates or any other significant changes that can adversely affect IPHost Network Monitor software components
  • automate doing backups by using software like Areca Backup or Duplicati

Note that efforts spent on setting up backup strategy and making backups periodically may cost significantly less than re-entering the entire monitoring database and losing all the collected monitoring history.

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